Valentino Rossi

Frequently Asked Questions

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What medium are the portraits produced in?

Coloured Pencil.

How long does it take to produce a portrait?

It depends on the subject matter. Animals can have different types of fur and this can significantly affect the time taken. Pet portraits tend to be 3-4 full days work. People portraits usually far longer, perhaps 5-6 days because of colouring and blending the skin tone and capturing the hair correctly. Motor racing subjects can be more intricate and may take at least one week to produce.

How much do they cost?

See the Prices page for more information or contact us to enquire.

Do you take the photographs?

If there are good quality photos already available these can be used. It is vital to emphasize that the better the photo, the better the resulting portrait will be! This is simply because the more detail there is in the photo, the more there can be in the finished artwork.

If there are two or more subjects, do they need to be together on the same photograph
     to work from?

No. Portraits and 3D models are usually produced using several photos and the artist will work from more than one to create a portrait with two or more subjects.

Do you frame the artwork?

No. Artwork comes unframed, allowing you to select how you wish to display it to your own taste.

Do you require a deposit?

A deposit of 50% is required on placing your order.

How are the 3D models made?

Laura's models are made using Plasticine and are all 100% bespoke with no moulds used. Although, they may look quite straightforward, there is in fact, a lot more work involved in making them, than many people realise.

They each have a wire frame inside - to support the head, neck, arms and legs. Once sculpted, they are primed, hand painted, varnished and presented on a painted wooden base. Due to the amount of work involved, they take many days (often weeks) to produce. Motorsport models take longer, due to the amount of additional detail ie sponsors and logos.

It is therefore adviseable that if you are thinking of commissioning a model, you give as much notice as possible.

How big are the models?

Approximately 15-20cm tall but all are unique and will vary in exact size.

How much do the models cost?

Prices vary depending on the commission. Please see Prices page for a guide.